What makes an Ashoka Diamond so special?

If you have ever heard of an Ashoka Diamond you may have wondered what makes them so expensive, because at first glance they do not look much different than any other diamonds.  At least to the untrained eye, because when you get closer to an Ashoka Diamond you will quickly start to see the differences that make these diamonds well worth a few extra dollars.

First off, the Ashoka diamond actually has a lot of history behind it as it has centuries of legendary stories about its strength.  Tied to the diamond are many different stories of power, love, romance, and of course glory.  From people attempting to sure their own diamonds for a quick rise to fame to those who simply sought after one to show their true love how much their love means, the Ashoka diamond is well documented as a source of beauty and integrity.

Today the diamond is known mostly because it stands for beauty, light, harmony, and love and one quick look into any one of the stones will show you this.  The unique cut of the diamond that creates 62 facts and rounded corners allows light to bounce off the diamond and radiate throughout a room.  In fact, this very special cut will allow any diamond to look 30% larger than a diamond of the same carat weight cut in any other fashion.

The Ashoka diamond jewelry is truly magnificent from the first glance, and as such is something that should not be underestimated.  With this in mind, it is easy to see why it is so heavily sought after and it is easier yet to see why it is worth paying just a touch more for, because when you have an Ashoka on your wrist or finger people stand up and pay attention.