Saul and Eve Goldberg are featured in the Financial Times latest “How To Spend It” story written by Vivienne Becker on the momentum in fine jewelry and diamond investments. Click on the image below to read the full story. Read More

Saul and Eve Goldberg recently sat down with award-winning jewelry historian, author and journalist Vivienne Becker to discuss William Goldberg, the man and the company, as part of her series of jewel talks for the world-renowned Phillips Auction House. The result was a fascinating glimpse into the life of the man… Read More

“I wear my diamonds every day. Not because my family is in the diamond business. Because they make me smile.” - Eve Goldberg And who couldn’t use a smile right about now? For thousands of years, in good times and bad, diamonds have brought joy to people’s lives. At William… Read More

Jacob & Co. is featuring William Goldberg’s proprietary ASHOKA® diamonds in the spectacular new Billionaire ASHOKA® timepiece. It is a pièce unique, and only one will ever be made.  The entirety of the watch, outside of the movement, is covered in ASHOKA® diamonds, including the case, lugs, bezel, bracelet and clasp,… Read More

Famous diamonds almost always come with a story. Our proprietary diamond cut, the ASHOKA®, is no exception. Rahul Kadakia, the international head of jewelry at Christie’s, has called it “a legend in the world of diamonds, named in honor of Ashoka Maurya, the Buddhist warrior emperor who ruled during one… Read More

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