History of Ashoka Cut Diamonds

History of diamonds come from different areas of the world and yet little is known unless a person seeks out that information. So often customers who buy diamond jewelry are not well informed at all until a purchase is thought about and then an intelligent gemologist informs them with that knowledge. Many lessons about the prized Ashoka cuts will guide people to admire them. It is through workmanship and designs blended together that create these masterpiece jewelry pieces that are worn with pride.

Diamond legacies are forever upheld with precious gemstones and yet the Ashoka cut is even more valuable. Master cutters learned from the original William Goldberg who was entranced by the earth mined diamond skillfully cut in the Golconda region of Southern India.

Centuries ago, the Ashoka cut was painstakingly crafted by an unknown, yet remarkable artist that William Goldberg studied, until it was replicated in many jewelry pieces. Many times the stories are told over and over since it is such a breathtakingly gorgeous Ashoka cut that is now available to informed customers who realize the rarity of this unique cut in diamonds.

William Goldberg was a remarkable student to have learned how to offer this diamond cut even though the original artist of the 41.37 carat legend diamond remained unknown and unnamed for him to ask craftsman questions.

William Goldberg cutters guarantee the quality of Ashoka cut diamonds in all the admired jewelry. Brilliance of this cut is sparkling in their bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and time pieces. Rounded corners and elongated shapes provide true evidence of the diamond cut known as Ashoka. Stories of the studied diamond that was crafted so long ago, was said to possess special qualities to diminish sorrow and bring joy.

This exquisite cut is now patented with William Goldberg’s name and strongly guaranteed reputation as well. Once you have seen the brilliance of the Ashoka cut diamond, it will not easily be forgotten and will be highly desired to own.

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