A Family Legacy

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William Goldberg Diamonds

Family bonds run deep here. Working with family over the past seven decades brings something truly special to the experience. William Goldberg was founded in 1952, and today three generations have embraced the business of creating exquisite jewelry. From ASHOKA® diamond engagement rings to ASHOKA® eternity bands, we’re with you throughout time. In the words of William Goldberg, “What is true of people is also true of diamonds – the greatest beauty is that which comes from deep within.”

Passion value of natural diamonds

The Value of Natural Diamonds

As certified members of the Responsible Jewelry Council we’re in accord with the unique value of offering only natural diamonds. And because natural diamonds are mined today with heightened awareness, you can rest assured of your choice and enduring value.

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Unparalleled Excellence

Long recognized for unparalleled standards of excellence, our master craftsmen have dedicated their lives to creating beautiful and exquisite diamond jewelry. William Goldberg was fond of saying, “You shouldn’t cheat a diamond of its right to be beautiful,” and our ASHOKA® jewelry collection is a wonderful affirmation of his vision.

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Ethically Minded

William Goldberg is passionate about designing breathtaking diamond jewelry, and we have always been compassionate about how we do it. Our Code of Practices ensures the highest ethical, social and environmental standards. We hold our suppliers to the same level of accountability, which includes human rights, health, safe working conditions, and minimizing environmental impact.

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