The ASHOKA® Cut Diamond

When was the ASHOKA® diamond first created?

William Goldberg introduced its proprietary ASHOKA® diamond in 1999.

How was the proprietary ASHOKA® cut developed?

When legendary diamantaire William Goldberg laid eyes on the original Ashoka, he was mesmerized. He spent the next several years studying and perfecting the cut, and in 1999 he secured the exclusive patent to produce the ASHOKA®.

How did the ASHOKA® diamond get its name?

Legend has it that a rough diamond was discovered long ago in Golconda, India. The original 41.37 carat diamond was named for Ashoka Maurya, the third-century B.C. Buddhist warrior-emperor. Over the centuries, this remarkable diamond passed through the hands of connoisseurs and collectors, royalty and celebrities. The ASHOKA® diamond is said to have the power to remove sorrow and bring joy.

Is the ASHOKA® diamond trademarked?

In 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has recognized the ASHOKA® diamond’s distinctiveness by issuing a federal trademark registration covering the configuration of the stone. It is exclusive and cannot be duplicated.

What makes an ASHOKA® diamond different?

The ASHOKA® diamond cut is an elongated shape with rounded corners – so it’s especially flattering on the finger.

Does the ASHOKA® diamond appear larger than a diamond of a similar size?

The ASHOKA®’s unique faceting pattern makes the diamond appear as much as 30 percent larger than an emerald cut diamond of the same carat weight.

How long does it take to cut an ASHOKA® diamond?

The precise ASHOKA® cut with 62 uniquely arranged facets can take six months to cut and polish.

How rare is an ASHOKA® diamond?

Fewer than one percent of rough diamonds can be cut into an ASHOKA®. It requires top-quality rough and a longer shape to achieve its perfect proportions.

How can I tell if my diamond is an authentic ASHOKA® diamond?

Each ASHOKA® diamond has a laser inscription on the girdle with the ASHOKA® logo and a unique certificate number.

Is the ASHOKA® available in other gemstones?

William Goldberg offers an array of gemstones with the ASHOKA® cut, such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds, set in rings, eternity bands, men’s rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

What was the largest ASHOKA® diamond ever to be cut?

The largest ASHOKA® diamond ever cut by William Goldberg was a record-breaking 48 carats.

ASHOKA® Jewelry

What was one of the most coveted pieces from the ASHOKA® diamond collection over the years?

In 2013, William Goldberg created the first ever, all-D Flawless ASHOKA® diamond necklace. It took four years, from sourcing to cutting and polishing, and totaled over 100 carats. All of the diamonds were certified by the GIA.

What type of jewelry can be made with ASHOKA® diamonds?

The ASHOKA® diamond collection includes necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity bands, watches, brooches, and even cufflinks!

What piece of jewelry would be the best investment when starting my own diamond jewelry collection?

A classic pair of diamond earrings are a great investment piece as you will be able to wear them every day, no matter the occasion. Small drop earrings or timeless hoop earrings are the perfect start to a collection.

What is the most popular ASHOKA® diamond necklace style?

The ASHOKA® diamond Lili Chain is one of the most popular necklaces in the collection. It is very versatile – you can wear it as one long chain, loop it around for a double chain look, or layer it with other necklaces. It can also be dressed up or down, making it an easy transitional piece from day to night.

Another popular necklace style is the diamond collar. Its simplicity and classic appeal make it the perfect everyday necklace.

How do I decide which diamond shape is best?

There are many diamond shapes to consider before making your decision – including Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Pear, Heart and Cushion. However, the ASHOKA® diamond is the most exclusive of all. Fewer than one percent of diamond rough measures up to the specifications needed to cut an ASHOKA®, making it very rare and distinctive.

Which celebrities have worn ASHOKA® diamond jewelry?

The elegantly elongated ASHOKA® diamond has caught the attention of celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian and Priyanka Chopra, just to name a few.

Which diamond cut is Reese Witherspoon’s engagement ring?

In 2010, William Goldberg created an ASHOKA® cut diamond engagement ring for Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon.

Did Maria Felix own the original Ashoka diamond?

The famous Mexican actress and jewelry connoisseur, Maria Felix, purchased the original 41.37-carat Ashoka diamond. In 1988, Sotheby’s sold the stone to an anonymous buyer for $3.85 million, the second highest price ever paid for a white diamond at auction at the time.

Who owned the original ASHOKA® diamond after Maria Felix?

Roberto Polo bought the ASHOKA® diamond for his wife, Rosa Polo in 1984.

In an article for Vanity Fair, Dominick Dunne wrote, “It was not until we sat down to dinner that I noticed the extraordinary ring Rosa Polo was wearing, a diamond so huge it would have been impossible not to comment on it. As one who has held up the hands and stared at the ice-skating-rink-size diamond rings of Elizabeth Taylor, Candy Spelling, and Imelda Marcos, I realized that the young woman across from me was wearing one bigger and perhaps better than all of them. I asked her about it, and before she could reply Roberto called down from his end of the table and gave the whole history of the jewel.”

Buying ASHOKA® Diamond Jewelry

Can William Goldberg design and make a custom piece of ASHOKA® diamond jewelry for me?

Yes! Contact us today to start the process or to request more information.

Where can I buy an ASHOKA® diamond?

ASHOKA® diamond jewelry is available through its partners of exclusive jewelers worldwide. To find an ASHOKA® boutique, click here.

Which countries are the ASHOKA® boutiques located in?

ASHOKA® diamonds can be found worldwide in the following countries: Australia, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Mauritius, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), United Kingdom (U.K.), United States (U.S.). Click here for a list of boutique partners.

Can I buy ASHOKA® diamonds online?

Some of the authorized ASHOKA® retailers offer online purchases. Click here for a list of exclusive boutiques worldwide.

What is the price range of an ASHOKA® diamond?

The price varies, depending on the color, carat weight and clarity. Contact us today for more information.

William Goldberg, the Maker of the ASHOKA® Diamond

Who cuts the ASHOKA® diamond?

Every ASHOKA® diamond is cut by one of William Goldberg’s master cutters, guaranteeing its quality, brilliance and rarity.

Does William Goldberg have a code of ethics?

For decades, the William Goldberg name has been synonymous with the highest standard of diamonds. We are also known for maintaining the very highest of business ethics and responsibility. These cover all parts of our business and include human rights, health and safety, working conditions, anti-corruption endeavors and minimizing the impact we have on the environment. Click here to learn more.

Is William Goldberg a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council?

William Goldberg is a proud member of the Responsible Jewelry Council. Please click here to learn more about our commitment to business ethics and responsibility.

Is William Goldberg a family-owned business?

Yes. William’s son, Saul, daughter, Eve, son-in-law, Barry Berg and grandson, Benjamin Goldberg, actively run the family business today. Learn more about the Goldberg family and Bill’s enduring legacy.

Besides the ASHOKA® diamond, has William Goldberg cut other famous diamonds?

William Goldberg has cut some of the most famous diamonds in history, including the Premier Rose, Blue Lili, Red Shield, Pink Muse, Guinea Star, Pumpkin and most recently, The Rock. Click here to discover the fascinating stories behind all of the famous diamonds.

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