The Timeless Appeal of Diamond Jewelry: Why It's Perfect for All Occasions

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In contrast to a world full of fast fashion and passing trends, there is nothing as timeless and true as genuine diamond jewelry.

For centuries, diamonds were status symbols and adorned some of the most iconic people in history. Now, they are synonymous with style and elegance. Natural and inherently one-of-a-kind, a diamond’s beauty and value never fade.

While diamond jewelry is often gifted at weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries, many people are investing in diamonds for everyday wear. Whether splurging on a stack of bangle bracelets or a diamond tennis necklace, like the ASHOKA® Bea Necklace, there are endless styles to choose from.

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Make an Everyday Statement with Precious Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is a complementary accessory that truly goes with everything — which is why we love it for daily wear. On the 2023 spring runways, many models wore stacks of diamond cuff bracelets from top fashion houses. These chic bracelets, like the ASHOKA® Amour Burnished Bangle Bracelet, can be worn high up on the arm or down at the wrist for an easy, elevated look. Wear them with blouses or dresses, and even sportswear.

ASHOKA Amour Burnished Bangle Bracelets
Model ASHOKA Amour Bracelets and Tricolore Ring

In addition to diamond bracelets, earrings are one of the top jewelry styles this year for everyday wear. Diamond stud earrings combine function and beauty, making them a lightweight choice for a pilates class or a day on the beach. The ASHOKA® Vector or Smithy Stud Earrings are our favorites for understated glamour. And of course, we also love an everyday statement earring. Wear the dreamy ASHOKA® Datia Bezel Earrings — featuring our eye-catching ASHOKA® diamonds — from Zoom calls to formal events.

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ASHOKA Stud Earrings Bezel Set Micropave Bypass Ring and Half Band Rolling Ring R5895 R6082

For a bold signature piece, consider bezel set diamond jewelry. This trending style honors vintage pieces in sleek and modern designs. From the ASHOKA® Bezel Set Pendant to the ASHOKA® Sideways Eve Ring, these contemporary pieces are minimalist for daily wear, yet a classic to reach for again and again.

ASHOKA Pendant Necklaces
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Whether you treat yourself to a new diamond accessory or repurpose your nonna’s vintage diamond engagement ring, natural diamonds become precious heirlooms that last for generations. Learn more about the unmatched beauty of ASHOKA® diamonds from William Goldberg and uncover the next diamond piece for your collection.

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