Ashoka Diamond Jewelry – Facets of Extraordinary Beauty

Ashoka diamond jewelry is a thing of great beauty. When a man gives the woman in his life a gift crafted from Ashoka diamonds it is a true symbol, not just of love, but of how unique he believes her to be.

All Ashoka diamonds take their name from the original Ashoka Diamond, a gem weighing 41.37 carats, which has become legendary in the gemstone world due to the beauty of its astounding cut. The original stone itself was given to one of India’s most famous rulers, Ashoka Maurya, back in the 3rd century. Its stunning elegance has since captivated the world.

All Ashoka diamond jewelry is made from diamonds that have no less 62 facets each, which when cut in the approved manner, are a thing of rare beauty. The cut has been patented and is only available through a limited number of licensed jewelers.

The full range of stunning Ashoka diamond jewelry consists of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, pendants, and watches. Settings are individually designed and created with a uniqueness that makes it the most sought after jewelry in the world.

Ashoka diamonds are worn by royalty, by celebrities (Oscar winning actress Reece Witherspoon was recently given an Ashoka diamond engagement ring by fiancée Hollywood agent Jim Toth), and ordinary everyday people who share a passion for the finer things in life.

Whenever Ashoka diamond jewelry is offered as a gift, there can be no doubt as to the passion and devotion with which it is given. Whether it is a man who wants to show his partner the depths of his feelings for her; or a woman who want her soul mate to know they are together in this world and the next; there is no finer way of expressing true love.

All diamonds are things of stunning elegance. The purity of the stone itself, the subtle hues and colors that lie within; the dazzling spectrum of light that is reflected from their surface; all go to make diamonds one the most coveted items in the universe. Ashoka diamonds, thanks to their truly remarkable, patented cut, outshine all others.

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