Wow the Woman (or Man) in Your Life With an Ashoka Cut Diamond Ring

When you think about diamonds, you think about brilliance, fire, and light. The cut diamond ring is a dazzling statement of eternal love and devotion. While the Brilliant cut stone is the most common and popular it is not the only choice. For the truly discerning individual the rare and flattering Ashoka cut outshines both the brilliant and the princess cut by far. What is it that makes an Ashoka cut diamond ring so special? It is both the shape of the stone and the fire the cut brings out in the finest and rarest of diamonds. These in demand pieces command high prices because the exclusive cut is unique and can only be applied to long stones.

Imagine 62 carefully placed facets that mold a diamond similarly to an emerald cut or princess cut stone. Imagine the rounded corners that give the cut such a unique shape while holding the light inside the stone longer for a more pronounced fire. Imagine a stone that appears larger on the hand then other stones of similar weight. All these things combine in the Ashoka cut to give these precious diamonds a higher value than one might give based on weight alone.

While the current Ashoka cut is based on historical sources, it is a modern cut, only offered through William Goldberg Diamond Corporation and seen in select outlets. This patented cut was developed from the antique cushion cut based on the original 41.37 carat D flawless Ashoka Diamond from India. There are a vast number of styles for this cut of stone, including single, triple, and eternity bands. No matter what your other half likes, chances are there is at least one ring with this cut of stone on it that will blow them away.

Make your next gift to your significant other an Ashoka diamond ring. They will know how much they mean to you once they see this extremely exotic and highly sought after stone in person and on their finger. The brilliance will dazzle anyone who views it, and you cannot go wrong with a diamond, because they are, after all, forever.

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