Exploring Ashoka Diamond Rings – Why You Need One in Your Life

The Ashoka Cut Diamond Ring is a beautiful cut of diamond that is based on the shape of a legendary Indian Stone of 41.47 Carats that was named after the Emperor Ashoka Maurya.

More recently, this cut has been popularized by the film star Reese Witherspoon who sported a large Ashoka Diamond Ring at a recent prize ceremony when she became engaged to her agent, Jim Toth.

In terms of its shape, it has rounded corners on a rectangular base and is broadly based on the more common cushion-cut. It tends to be most appropriate for stones that have a length that is longer than normal, and has the advantage that the cut makes the stone appear to be larger than it actually is. This makes it a particularly good cut to choose for an engagement ring, because in terms of wowing your lady, an Ashoka Diamond Ring packs far more potency in terms of the amount of wow that you get for your money.

The shape of the Ashoka is actually a cut that is patented by William Goldberg and Partners, so it also has the benefit of being a very exclusive cut of diamond. If you choose this ring for your lady, you can be virtually guaranteed that none of her friends will have this cut of diamond in their rings, and so she will automatically have bragging rights!

In a way, this exclusivity matches the feel that any diamond ring should have of being something that is special and only available to a select number of people. If you choose the Ashoka, you can be sure that you are joining an exclusive club that includes Hollywood Stars and Royalty through the ages.

More important, this is a ring that will make you feel good whenever you look at it. Not only because of the exclusive nature of its cut, but also because the diamond cutters art has managed to create a cut that allows unparalleled amounts of light and a really sparkling feel to any ring.

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