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History of diamonds come from different areas of the world and yet little is known unless a person seeks out that information. So often customers who buy diamond jewelry are not well informed at all until a purchase is thought about and then an intelligent gemologist informs them with that… Read More

A wedding is a big deal. You search your whole life for the perfect partner, the one you wish to bind yourself to forever. She receives the perfect engagement ring, a symbol of your undying love and devotion. Now you are ready to plan for and face the future. How… Read More

The Ashoka Cut Diamond Ring is a beautiful cut of diamond that is based on the shape of a legendary Indian Stone of 41.47 Carats that was named after the Emperor Ashoka Maurya. More recently, this cut has been popularized by the film star Reese Witherspoon who sported a large… Read More

Ashoka diamond jewelry is a thing of great beauty. When a man gives the woman in his life a gift crafted from Ashoka diamonds it is a true symbol, not just of love, but of how unique he believes her to be. All Ashoka diamonds take their name from the… Read More

When you think about diamonds, you think about brilliance, fire, and light. The cut diamond ring is a dazzling statement of eternal love and devotion. While the Brilliant cut stone is the most common and popular it is not the only choice. For the truly discerning individual the rare and… Read More

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