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William Goldberg had a unique talent for transforming rough stones into legendary gems. But one day, he came upon a diamond that was already a legend. Pulled from a long forgotten mine in India’s famed Golconda region. Cut by an unknown artist of remarkable skill. The Ashoka diamond was named in honor of one of the most powerful and benevolent rulers the world has ever known.

Inspired by the original Ashoka diamond, William Goldberg created a cut so unique and distinctive, it was granted its very own patent. The ASHOKA® diamond is a stunning affirmation of William Goldberg’s vision — extraordinary, exquisite and filled with joy. So rare, that only a fortunate few will ever possess it. It is a diamond without equal.

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William Goldberg

William Goldberg began his company with a passion for diamonds and a vision for excellence. For over a half century, William Goldberg has been known as one of the most distinguished diamond jewelry houses and purveyor of some of the finest and rarest diamonds the world has ever seen.

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The ASHOKA® diamond is available at exclusive jewelers worldwide.